9/11/01 Never Forget

WARNING: The Images & Videos On This Page Are VERY Graphic.

America You NEED Salt Rubbed Into The Wound Because Far Too Many Have Forgotten And Have Become Complacent Since 9/11.

Many sites will present tributes to the heroes and fallen with subtle messages & imagery. I’m sorry but you won’t find that here!

This complacency is like a cancer that has once again imbedded itself in our daily lives. It is not just with security but with all aspects of American life. Too many ignore what’s going on with the economy and social issues with the “someone else will handle it” attitude, just as folks probably felt on 9/10/01. That attitude in the extreme resulted in those catastrophic events displayed on this page but beware potential catastrophes are on our horizon if we don’t wake everyone up to what is going on in this country. Our economy is on the brink as huge stock market swings demonstrate how frail it has become. Meanwhile our out of control govt engages in unsustainable spending which is all paid for through fantasy money at this point by our so called elected leaders.

Socially and politically we are being pushed to the limits, being forced to accept what has happened and move on. Our government has taken steps to be kind to radical islam by removing any mention of it in training manuals, calling terror attacks on US soil, like Ft Hood, “work place related shootings” etc. Race relations are at their worse, police are now deemed a bigger enemy than terrorists. There are elements of the Muslim Brotherhood who have infiltrated every aspect of the US govt.. Groups like CAIR or muslim sympathizers within Congress are demonizing anyone who attempts to expose their activities calling opponents racists and bigots.

Let the images and videos burn in real deep and be a reminder that we all must stay vigilant in all aspects of life and nothing, nothing is trivial.

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Naudet Bros 911 Documentary: Filming a documentary on fireman they become part of history catching the only video of the first plane attack at the WTC and then inside Ground Zero as events unfolded. I leave this deleted YT screen so you can see how powers that be do not want people to see what happened. Every year a copy is briefly out and then quickly removed.

The Howard Stern Show as it happened. The show became a source of info as a number of NYC radio & television stations were ‘out’ as a result of the attack

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102 Minutes That Changed America

102 Minutes from the History Channel was a collection of videos from people documenting what they saw has been repeatedly scrubbed from the internet. Make the time to watch it if you haven’t seen it. The only videos it seems those in power want people to see are videos pushing truther conspiracies. Imagine if the remaining film shot from Pearl Harbor was scrubbed removing any proof of the Japanese attack?! I’ll leave this up after it becomes a dead link so people will at least know there were a few of us trying to document the truth....

For those familiar with torrents you may be able to locate it but again for whatever reason this video like the Naudet Bros documentary is constantly being scrubbed from the internet.

The first official casualty of the World Trade Center attacks Father Mychal Judge

The Naudet Bros documentary has been broken up but can still be seen via LiveLeak;  Part: 1234567