BMartin1776’s 2 Cents on the State of the Union


In a few hours the Pres. will be making his State of the Union Address, I’m sure it will be quite informative and interesting to say the least. Better yet sit back and read my 2 cents about what is really going on....

First things first, I am not a republican, democrat and at times an independent.....  I am an AMERICAN who has had it with all of them!

Whether political views are Left or Right it doesn't matter and it is the essence of OUR problems as it is more or less proof we have a two faced one party system with Progressives as the head of the 2 faced beast!  Whether you’re a republican or a democrat you’re on the left of the political spectrum (see below
), this is the quintessential fact everyone in America needs to understand!

Another way to look at this is like two crime families, the Genovese’s and Gambino’s. Both crime families are in the same business and have in-fighting but they are both in business for the same reason/goal... money, power and control! Sound familiar? Now they will protect each other if what they both stand for is threatened! These people are all about themselves... the sooner ‘the people’ wake up and see what is really going on the better. Folks there is more than enough proof in this day and age of modern technology, 24hr news, YouTube©, FaceBook© etc about all these career politicians; recently we were hearing about ‘Cornhusker Kickback’ Sen Nelson (D-NE) and the ‘Louisiana Purchase’ Sen. Landrieu (D-LA). The list goes on but they, incumbent/career politicians, all must go come the next election(if we make it).

ALL incumbents must go, this was stressed earlier on the Philosophy page and must be reiterated in a minute, but first ask yourself this question. What have these people done FOR YOU? Be honest with yourself now while you sit there and read this! Are you better off today than you were a year ago? Do you feel secure today, better yet do you feel the future is secure for your children and grandchildren?

Time has come for the Boxers, Pelosis, Reids, McCaines, Grahams, Specters, Steeles, Kennedys(RIP), Boehnars, Leibermans, Murthas, Kucinichs etc etc etc. more or less anyone in DC that is a household name or been in office greater than 10yrs TO GO.  You have to see the truth by now they aren’t working for you! They are working for themselves, look at how much money they had when they got into office compared to what they have now, most are multi millionaires. They are getting richer while many US citizens are getting poorer, losing their jobs, homes everything. Even the politicians people deem are "good", you know the "so and so has been around for 10yrs (whatever)is a good guy or gal they aren’t corrupt", they need to go as well! Again, I ask you this what has "so and so" done to change anything? Hmm, what have they done?


they sat in DC whining and NEVER took a major stand to bring things to a halt to make real change. Those in DC that are deemed good people are just as bad because they sat back and let things happen they voted yes/no when it was against their true opinion only to satisfy party lines. We need people in DC that will stand up and say “NO this is BULLSH*T enough already!” Fact is as of today there is NO ONE in DC saying or doing that, some give the illusion but can do what appears to be a 180 like this guy for example...


There is no reason any career politician should be re-elected in 2010. If they do you have no one to blame but yourselves. If we see these same people after the next election in office folks like myself will not be pointing the finger at DC for the problems of this country. Folks like myself will be pointing the finger of blame at anyone who elected these “people” back into office.   

If these people get re-elected don’t blame anyone but yourselves for the direction this Congress will continue on. It will not be their fault, they are only doing what comes natural to those that are corrupt, self serving! 

Now very important pay attention to what they all do when this bill and that bill come around, or this referendum and that referendum. They are aware of the current public sentiment and WILL start to vote in opposition. They will take positions "in favor" of the public opinion because, NOW PAY CLOSE ATTENTION, they know their days are numbered in their power position with the coming elections. We are already seeing this now as several Senators have announced they will not seek re-election. Most recently Rep. Berry (D-Ark) who was quoted saying he was told by the Pres “You Got Me” with regards to comparing the Healthcare Bill attempt in 1994 to 2010, Berry too announced will not seek re-election. Those that are planning on running and fighting it out still have a few tricks up their sleeve. Simply put, big lies & deceit are coming in 2010. Ask yourself why haven't the stimulus funds all been used? Because politicians are waiting as primaries and general elections get closer to release funds to create the illusion that they are working for you, creating jobs and helping the economy. Do not be fooled by these individuals they will act and vote with public opinion to only secure their position and get re-elected as time closes to election day. 

Don't believe them. Don't trust them.

Don’t vote for these people, don’t fall for their lies, don’t fall for their change in opinion/ voting habits, they are only doing it to preserve their place in public office. With all of this said if they, incumbent republicans and democrats, in all facets of government get re-elected it will be your fault, it’s that simple you have the power to stop them and affect the State of the Union.

~ BMartin 1776

We are all on our own to make the changes this country needs.  Time to wake up, take the red pill and free your mind, because something just isn’t right.......

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