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Why wont someone just point that out and hammer away on that? Stop debating them on their level of sheer insanity, instead hit them from left field show them their hypocrisy. Point out the shirt of Che Guevara they are wearing was created by a capitalist! Not to mention the audacity that they demonstrate day after day is just about off the charts. They compare themselves to the people in the Middle East, people who are literally dying to have a fraction of what these drones in NYC (and around the country) take advantage of everyday!

Why won't someone show them that those who come to their aid in support like Russell Simmons, Susan Sarandon,

Michael Moore, Alec Baldwin, Nancy Pelosi, Emperor Obama etc etc are RICH? These people are in fact in bed with the evil banks and corporations the protesters are attacking and protesting against!

George Soros one of the richest men in the world, a BANKER, is footing the bill for most of this! A banker, who couldn't careless who loses in a business transaction he is involved with that can cost people jobs and affect their net worth! He keeps getting richer while others are getting poorer. Why aren’t these protesters going after him? Is it because through his many shadow organizations that is financing and PAYING them for their activities like Working Families Party? Do they not think this super rich banker is a threat because he is funding their little newspaper?

The Audacity and Hypocrisy of #OccupyWallSt Toward Capitalism

Curious why are these people clothed?

Not trying to be funny here but everything of their actual being: their clothes, shoes, glasses, hats, phones, laptops, guitars,drums, tambourines, hula hoops, whatever it is they are smoking, snorting or shooting up, their signs, the ink used to write on their signs, blankets, sleeping bags, tarps, tents, cameras, the transportation used to get there, TOILET Paper (for the handful that may actually wipe!), not to mention the food and drink they consume to exist... (I could go on and on) is a result of capitalism!

Why not point out that schools where people like Cornell West or Frances Fox Pivens have taught at are responsible for the high debt these kids are now blaming the banks for? Point out the high salaries Pivens and West receive along with their net worth some of these protesters are in fact financing! Show the students their "beef" should be with the schools like the ones their handlers, Pivens & West, represent that are responsible for their massive debt, not the banks!

In a nutshell these protests define hypocrisy, "FAIL" and useful idiots. They denounce capitalism daily yet everything they have and touch is a product of it. The systems they use to spread their message, clueless as it is, in itself is just another level of hypocrisy. Had it not been for capitalism the advancements in communication technology no one would even know they are there!!

There is no sense in arguing with these protesters or debating them. At this point it’s time to turn them on their own....

Stay Tuned for Tactic #19!



Capitalism, a result of someone having an idea then turning it into a business to deliver products to people who want/ need them. Why aren't they either naked or wearing/using garb they created?

Where did they get the money to buy these things they take advantage of yet criticize the very system that created them? It's because of capitalism some of them have a job to afford the things they have! If it wasn't for someone having an idea and starting a business half of these people would have nothing to begin with.

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