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      Obama’s Religion: Is He a Muslim, or a Christian?

9.21.15   Once again there seems to be a lot of confusion as of late as to what the Presidents religion is. Some say he is Muslim, others claim Christian. Good arguments are made that he is Muslim but let’s look at the facts of what we know as of today “he’s practicing Christianity”. Obama’s 'Christianity' is based on Liberation Theology. We know this because Obama himself has said he has sat in Rev. Wrights church for over 20yrs. We know for a fact Rev Wright preaches Liberation Theology (aka Black Theology). The last time this came up Robert Gibbs, fmr White House Press Secretary, claimed that Glenn Beck, when he had his Fox show, conjured up the Liberation Theology claim. Well to clear things up one last time and for all lets look at the facts and all you libs,dems, progressives or whatever you call yourselves maybe you should take some notes as this isn’t something conjured up by Beck or anyone deemed a hater. The best way to do this is let you see and hear Obama, Wright and Dr Cone in their own words!

Jeremiah Wright on Fox (Mar 07) take note he mentions Jim Cone

(Mar 14 08)

BHO Denies any knowledge of hearing any incendiary speech.

(Mar 18 08)

Begin watching @ 8:30 when he talks about his relation with Rev. Wright

(Mar 15 08)

Cooper clearly states to BHO his attendance in Wrights Church for 20yrs which BHO NEVER refutes

Compilation of above vids but also includes add’l footage. Please forward to 4:30 and begin watching as the church aspect is explained. @ 7:50 & on Liberation Theology is explained

Obama, Wright & Cone

Cone lays it all out...

Oh for all the critics out there most of this material is pre-Beck so don’t even go there. Look at the dates on all of this its before most people knew who Glenn Beck was. Had the media done their job in 2008 we wouldn’t be back to having this argument as to what Obama’s religion is. Frankly its whatever it needs to be, to win support while being weaponized against his opponents and demonizing them via the corrupt media and special interests!