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Many people do not agree with the birther movement and believe the President was born on US soil, but based on his actions he is hiding something! What could it be? Based on some facts and logic is it possible he is hiding his LEGAL identity? (Something that has been suggested lightly around the internet.) 

The birther movement should get away from this conspiracy theory they have and approach this question of who BHO is from a new angle. Find out whether or not BHO was in fact adopted by Lolo Soetoro, when his mother remarried? If that is true then the next question; was his name LEGALLY changed to Barry Soetoro? (A name many have referenced he has gone by.)

We know his mother sent him back to the US to live with his grandparents, after her marriage to Soetoro failed, but if his name was legally changed to Barry Soetoro did his grandparents even think to LEGALLY CHANGE HIS NAME back to BHO when he moved back to Hawaii? Is it safe to assume that his grandparents, heck any of our families, would overlook the name change since it happened overseas and just start calling our kid the name that we have always known them by after a failed marriage!? Safe to assume we all could agree that 40 yrs ago it was the last thing on anyones mind. Oddly, sites like Snopes and FactCheck never deny such an assumption within the birther argument and in debunking of the birther theory sites like these even support the theory being presented here!

Obama was legally adopted by his stepfather, Lolo Soetoro..” 10/23/08

Remember he was still a child when his name was allegedly legally changed, an idea supported above by FactCheck, and attended school in Indonesia as the school record below confirms.

Now since this all happened in Indonesia who would even think to jump through such hoops to changing a name back for a child?

Conventional thought would be “well that was there and here he is known as Barack Obama II” / or some may argue Barry Dunham. This is something that could totally be overlooked without malice on anyones part (ie his grandparents and mother for that matter); an innocent mistake for all intents and purposes. This could have then resulted into a genuine “oh shit” moment for Obama as the campaign was just revving up. After receiving the DNC nomination, Obama and his team could very well have been joking about the birthers and then maybe a personal realization hit him: “I dont think my family changed my name legally back to my birth name when I came back to Hawaii as a kid!!.... What am I going to do?” Who couldn’t see something like this happening? Keep in mind the crazy talk of a year ago, or longer, is reality today... anything is possible!!

It may have been mentioned in his book 'Dreams From My Father' when he started embracing his African heritage, after briefly reconnecting with his father, he began going by his given name Barack vs Barry. This occurred later in life in his upper teens or his early college years.  A time period when he was also being mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, a communist and friend of his grandfathers. So this establishes that he wasn't always known as Barack, even willfully admitted by Obama.

Ask yourself this question could you use your first name with your mothers maiden when signing your personal check or a credit card charge? Of course not that person is not on record as the account/card holder. Have people done it yes.. is it legal probably not! Its still you but not the legal name on record! Its one thing if your name is William John Doe and since birth you have always gone by Billy Doe this would be acceptable, but if you try use a completely different name like Johnny Homemaker to sign a check or charge it would be considered fraudulent as that person doesn't really exist on record. Its important to point out that the requirement varies from state to state and its reported that under the Real ID Act the government hasn’t defined what a legal name is!! Want to test this go and try to open some accounts under a fake name, or use your middlename and your fathers mothers maiden name and see what happens. Topic gets dicey but its safe to assume if the name on your medical, financial aid and driver license say one name and you try to sign it completely different not even close to a nickname you are going to have some problems.

Ok so what does all of this mean?

Quite frankly it means if Barack Obama’s LEGAL name is Barry Soetoro and thats the name on his drivers license, medical, educational, financial records etc, the name he has signed his name to be, he is in fact committing identity fraud every single time he has signed his name Barack Hussein Obama II! The Presidency would be void, every single bill signed into law by BHO VOID, spending/deficit etc all under him void and would throw the US into chaos.

For the information on his true identity to get out now would be catastrophic to the US and possibly the world. His entire life would be turned inside out, he would also be disbarred and any legal proceeding he handled prior to his political career would be void too! Legal matters performed by Obama for SEIU, ACORN etc could have a devastating effect on their operations. What about all of those who sat and heard his lectures who went on to be attorneys etc? You see? Do you see the real reason why the cloak and dagger act?

This would explain the real reason behind all his records (education, medical, financial aid and travel) being sealed. Travel is mentioned, as it has also been reported that he traveled to Pakistan in the early 80's. As it’s understood Americans could not travel there, so one would need a passport from some other nation to get there. Well if he was adopted by Soetoro and had his name legally changed in Indonesia this would make total sense as to how BHO traveled to Pakistan on an Indonesian passport/visa. This is/was ammo for the birther movement and this identity theory but it was not true as Americans could travel to Pakistan in 1981. Regardless these documents (passports) are sealed, why? When applying for financial aid/ medical care etc he would have given his real LEGAL name without thinking twice, again nothing malicious; those records though are sealed too. Why the cloak and dagger on his past?

Actions speak louder than words, one would only seal their records if they have something to hide. Some argue he is deliberately doing this so as to demonize a portion of Americans, the birthers, and label them as conspiracists, nuts, right wing extremists etc. This was not as big of an issue in ’08 as it is now, the birthers were just a fringe group/ cult if you will yet BHO was quick to seal his records before Nov ’08 election. It was suggested he did this when he went to visit his dying grandmother in Hawaii. Now things are more serious with the takeover of the US healthcare and financial systems and is why headlines like these are now showing up:

Game Changer! Arizona To Pass 2012 Eligibilty Law

10 States Now Developing Eligibility Proof Demands

The theories are flying but this theory on what his LEGAL name is makes a hell of a lot more sense than the others. People, birthers, please stop arguing about whether he was or wasn't born in the US. Lets assume he was, now with that in mind look at his past which has been supported in the birth argument as to WHO he is? The bigger question and an easier one to prove if someone would just do the digging is what is his legal name? Does any of this matter or is it a technicality? Either way he is hiding something from his past!

One more thing to keep in mind, do you really believe the Clinton machine would not have gotten their hands on his birth certificate the moment his citizenship was in question 3 years ago? Hell no, but overlook what has been suggested here.... hell yes!

Whether the birthers are correct or if this theory is right, fact remains the records are sealed leaving one to ask WHY and who is Barack Hussein Obama?!


(Note: This is an opinion piece I am not an attorney, if you would like to add to this or enlighten readers of the complex legalities with name change please contact STR)

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